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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Pregnancy is Hard. Its something that takes everything out of you. I mean think about it… You have a living being in your stomach feeding off of you. Its like when your pregnant you are either lucky or you aren’t, because your throwing up, nauseous, tired, back ache, hip pain, and more… OR you feel great with few symptoms. I personally have not had a bad case of sickness or nausea but I have back pain and hip pain like you wouldn’t believe and I cant sleep no matter what I do or how hard I try. I know how hard it can be. But most women look past all the pain and discomfort (as I do) and look at the bright future and big belly that is coming their way.

There is so much stress when either trying to conceive or even when you just think you might be pregnant. You think your having symptoms but your not sure because half of the symptoms are the same as if you were just starting your period. You go to the store and you cant decide which test to get and which one is more accurate. You wonder how many people are staring at you as you pick up the test and what the lady at the counter is thinking when you pay. Its almost like when you buy condoms, even if your old enough and mature you still just feel odd. You take a test and it comes out negative… You think to yourself “maybe its too early” or “I guess not this time” or you take the test and it comes out positive and you think “OMG REALLY?????” or “YAY” or “OH CRAP” and then it hits that BAM your pregnant. Your either excited, nervous, worried, just plain scared, and all around frazzled because your not quite sure what is to come. Some women who have had a child before take it very calmly but most (regardless of how many children you have) just don’t know how to react.

There is a time when your pregnant after all of the hectic moments in the beginning when it all fades away and you are excited and counting down the weeks and taking pictures of your belly (I suggest a Belly Band by the way, they are amazing) and you count down the days to your next appointment and you look up information on the internet and wonder how other pregnant women are doing and feeling and you want to compare belly sizes. Its all so fun and you feel like it is taking forever to grow this baby. Then the time comes when you get an ultrasound and its almost surreal to look at that screen and see a baby. A real baby inside of you. It never gets old. You then either want to know the sex or you don’t, but a lot of women want to know just because they don’t know what to do without that special piece of information. You are so happy when you find out and the next thing you know your buying Blue this and blue that, or Pink this and pink that.. And you feel happy to be able to say “He” is kicking or “She” is in my ribs.

So after all that time of being pregnant (9 months is forever) you are big as you can ever be and are ready to meet your little baby. You go into labor and deal with pain and then Finally after so long you have your little one. Nothing in the world could be better. Nothing feels more rewarding. You look back at your pregnancy when you were sick and tired and you think to yourself “YES, it was TOTALLY worth it”.

I applaud all pregnant women. We have a hard job and we do it well. YOU GUYS ROCK!